Lions are supposedly 'Kings of the Jungle', though they actually live on the savannahs of Africa. Males have a shaggy mane around their neck, while females don't. Lions normally hunt buffalo and zebra, but they will try to kill a rhino here and there.
Lion - Busanga main pride

Etymology Edit

why lions eats over day this call animals this fish biggest nothing this is a lionfish lionfish are hrebivores herbivore eats plants likes most lions eat other animals likes zerbras elephants and herad of bison most lions like most of the moons lions at night can you say plants or meat plants no is meat

Taxonomy and evolution Edit

The lion is a species of the genus Panthera and its closest relatives are the other species of this genus: the tiger, the jaguar, and the leopard. Panthera leo itself evolved in Africa between 1 million and 800,000 years ago, before spreading throughout the Holarctic region. It appeared in Europe for the first time 700,000 years ago with the subspecies Panthera leo fossilis at Isernia in Italy. From this lion derived the later Cave Lion (Panthera leo spelaea), which appeared about 300,000 years ago. During the upper Pleistocene the lion spread to North and South America, and developed into Panthera leo atrox, the American Lion. Lions died out in northern Eurasia and America at the end of the last glaciation, about 10,000 years ago; this may have been secondary to the extinction of Pleistocene megafauna.