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The komodo dragon is a large reptile, three meters long, weighing 100-165 kg. lives exclusively in an Indonesian island also called probe, the name "dragon"derives from the fact that its size and length make it look like a dragon, in addition to that, is the oldest and largest species of reptiles .In the nineteenth century sailors and fishermen of the islands of Flores andSumbawa often narrated fantastic stories of men and animals attacked and eatenby larger dragons that lived in the small island of Komodo, a strip of landcharacterized by an area of ​​just 600 square kilometers and located SundaArchipelago. On the other hand, many of the natives of the two Indonesian islandswere so confident of the existence of giant dragons - or "Boeja Darat", ie landcrocodiles - they had not the courage to land on the coast of Komodo.


The dragon, monitor lizard, the Komodo is carnivorous, it feeds on other animals soeven bigger than him, to catch prey uses a liquid that injects when it bites and thatcauses a slow death to the prey, which through the nose fine of the dragon, will belocalized and finally eaten, unfortunately, also other animals sniff the carcass and often begins a real fight for food. The skin is made ​​up of lots of scaly gray-brown, has massive paws, very sharpclaws and a long tail which it uses as a weapon. Usually, periclose struggles take place between the first mating because males in this period, there is more stronger and durable that will have the right to have the female

In 1926, the Museum of Natural History in New York sponsored an expedition to study the biology of the dragon and catch some specimens to be analyzed;1doduci specimens were captured dead and two alive. Thanks to these analyzes,we have discovered many things about this animal as the number of years that can reach every copy or thirty.

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