A Dog is a domesticated form of the gray wolf. It is in the Genus Lupus, and the species name is C.Lupus. Dogs can be cute, but 1/4 dogs will bite someone before they die. In America and India, Rabies is a common disease in dogs, and kills them very quickly. If you get bitten by a rabid dog, you will catch the disease and die.

Dogs have been known to attack humans and kill them. If you are attacked by an Alsatian or a German Shepherd, you are very likely to die.

But, most dogs are cute and cuddly. They are very affectionate and live very long (if they don't catch Rabies or Mange, another bad disease). Dogs are very good family pets, love outdoors and people and they also know when you are sad and cheer you up! I recommend buying a dog if you are looking for a pet.