A deer is an amazing animal in so many ways! A mother deer is called a doe and a father deer is called a buck and the baby deer is called a fawn. Deer live in flattened down grass and twiggs call Thickets. Derer like to eat corn, tamatos, corn, and grass. The scare easily when they see or hear someone or something coming. Deer are really awsome. Fawn's have little white spots all over their bodies'. When they start to grow their spots go away. A one year old buck is called a Year Ling. They will soon grow to be a big buck. Buck have long antlers to use in fights. Bucks often fight over who will breed what female. When a buck breeds them they will ride the doe until he has produced semen in side her and then there will sooon be a baby! I hope you have learned a lot about DEER!!!!